It seems Splash Mountain is in another spot of trouble this morning.The popular ride, which is slated to be replaced, has had its fair share of problems this summer. First, a guest fell in. Then, it had to be completely drained, and was down for 3 days. Now, a log was completely submerged and guests had to evacuate.

source: Google

During a run this morning, the ride was powered off. At this point, guests reported that their log began to submerge. They reportedly panicked, and began to exit the vehicle. A cast member told them to remain in the vehicle, but according to the guest, seconds after they exited, their vehicle was completely submerged.

At this point, the sequence of events that led to the submersion is unclear. Guests are reportedly concerned that the cast member instructed them to stay in the vehicle, even though they feared being submerged. However, evacuation plans for rides are set to specific guidelines. Evacuating in the wrong order could cause safety concerns for guests. Remember, it’s always best to follow Cast Member instructions.

Have you been evacuated from Splash Mountain since the park re – opening? Tell us your story below!

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