When Walt Disney World reopened on July 11th, guests rushed towards Splash Mountain. The ride has always been popular, but has recently been in the news since Disney announced that Mountain would be redone to feature Princess and the Frog. Even with reduced capacity, the ride has still had some of the longest wait times.

Logs have been steadily going down the waterfalls of Splash Mountain, but like any ride, there will be temporary closures for maintenance and repairs. Last week, while being escorted off the ride, one guest slipped and fell in the water. TikTok user @_parkerdanielle captured the incident.


this would only happen to me… SO embarrassing. #disney #magickingdom #disneyworld #LetsFaceIt #splashmountain #MoreHappyDenimDance

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Obviously, Danielle was fine after the incident. She even jokes about her clumsiness with the caption “CEO of falling into the water on Splash Mountain”. She was attempting to capture video of the ride when she misstepped on the slippery pavement. Even with an embarrassing blunder, she was able to make light of the situation.

There have been other instances of guests falling into the water when being evacuated in the past. It’s rare, compared to the number of successful rides, for any ride to break down while guests are on it. Safety is a top priority for Disney and other theme parks around the world.

Disney has not yet announced when Splash Mountain will be closed for its retheme.

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