Everyone is celebrating Toy Story‘s 25th anniversary, and that includes Adidas! Adidas has shown some photos of a new Toy Story collection featuring a number of sneakers, and some other merchandise. While they’ve included Woody and Buzz Lightyear they’ve also created designs featuring some side characters as well!

Included in the lineup is Jessie, Hamm, Rex, and of course, our favorite group of aliens. Their characters are reflected well by the designs and colors chosen. Even without the toys photographed beside them, it would be able to distinguish between all of them. However, shoes aren’t the only thing they introduced!


In the merchandise gallery, this classic Pixar basketball is included. The Adidas and Pixar logo can be seen near the bottom of the ball in the image. All of this can be yours starting on October 1st. The lineup is called the Friendship Collection, which states it will include sneakers and apparel!

The jerseys and shirts show a release date of October 15th. If you visit here you can select the items you want and set a reminder, so you can remember to purchase them! Unfortunately, adult sizes are not available for this collection, but sizes for infants to children are available! Plus from what we can see on their webpage their sneakers will come in this adorable box! Prices start at $22 USD.

Credit: Adidas/Pixar

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