Suite dreams! Welcome to the first of it’s kind Funnel Suite aboard the Disney Wish. That’s right, those iconic, signature red funnels, now houses one amazing Disney room. The Wish Tower Suite will be available to guests summer of 2022.

suite dreams

For the first time ever, guests will actually be able to sleep in an incredible two story suite located in one of the funnels. At nearly 2,000 square feet, this beauty in the sky, will make all your dreams come true. Okay…not really. But it’ll be close!

The Wish Tower Suite can sleep up to eight guests. There’s two main bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a children’s room, and a library that converts in to another bedroom. Yeah- a library turned bedroom! Dibs!!!!

suite dreams

This masterpiece is inspired by Moana. Ornaments and custom artwork will give nods to the different characters in the film, not to mention the beauty of the film itself. What can Disney say except… You’re Welcome.

There will also be a hand crafted sculpture that quite possibly “comes alive”! Special audio effects and lighting will give it’s guests a truly one-of-a-kind greeting when entering the suite. It’ll almost be like you have the heart of Te Fiti there with you.

Of course, what’s a Wish Tower Suite without a few dreams coming true? Don’t worry, Disney has thought of that too. They seriously think of everything! You can expect the royal treatment when you book this room. There’s a private elevator, your own concierge team, and daily treats! Not to mention a personal selection of curated services.

The Disney Wish set sails summer of 2022! You can book a room as early as May 27th 2021. Until then, suite dreams!

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