Wildfires have continued to ravish the west coast of the United States. Those fighting to save homes and lives work extremely long hours in hazardous conditions.

In September, Sasha Tinning took her 5-year-old grandson Carver to a store in Oregon to purchase supplies for the firefighters. They came across The Child doll in the toy section. The two decided to pick up one to bring ‘The Force’ to those on the front lines. Carver even wrote a note reading “Thank you, firefighters, Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely. Love, Carver.”

The firefighters were touched. Tyler Eubanks, who was working at the donation centers where Carver and his grandmother dropped off The Child, told the Washington Post, “The fires were close to us, and everyone was really high on emotion. We were all really touched that Carver wanted to give a companion to the men and women who were out there risking their lives to fight the wildfires.”

Ever since then, The Child, more commonly known as Baby Yoda has been helping fight the fires ever since. Eubanks even started a Facebook page to share his adventures.

Here are some of his adventures!


You can follow the firefighters and Baby Yoda on their Facebook page.

Thank you to Carver for thinking of those fighting on the front lines and to the firefighters whose hard work continues to be an inspiration to so many! May the force always be strong with you!

Click here if you’d like to donate to fire relief.

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