You Won’t Believe What These Disneyland Attraction Pieces Sold For!

How much would you pay for a piece of Disneyland history?1 min

How much would you pay for a piece of Disneyland memorabilia? Some collectors just paid big money to have a piece of Disney history! Collector Richard Kraft held an auction featuring attraction vehicles, artifacts and props from the Disneyland park. He ended up raising more than $8.3 million dollars, a large portion which he plans to donate to two organizations benefiting children who suffer from a rare disorder known as Coffin-Siris Syndrome and other special needs children. Kraft’s daughter suffers from this disease.

A Dumbo ride car, an original, sold for $483,000 which was four times what Kraft thought he might get for the car. Jose, the bird from the Tiki Room, sold for $425,000. One of the original Skyway gondolas from the 1950s sold for $621,000 which set a new auction record for any Disneyland ride. Magician David Copperfield even won a neon letter D from the Disneyland hotel with his bid of $86,250.

Kraft started collecting Disney items 25 years ago. He never imagined he would get this kind of money for these items. So hold onto any vintage Disney memorabilia you may have. You never know what it might be worth in the future!

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