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Who Would Win in a Fight: The Predator or Kevin McCallister

Tabitha Boothe



Who would win? It’s an age old question. But now that Disney has taken over 20th Century Fox, it is actually a Disney question. There’s a lot to break down in this argument; but here we go.


  • It’s in Kevin’s House
  • Kevin has 8 hours of prep time
  • This is circa 1987 Predator
  • Kevin is home alone
  • Kevin is using his traps from the first movie. He has any materials or items at his disposal
  • Predator has his arsenal

Now, saying that Kevin basically uses his traps from the first movie, let’s see what he has to work with. (These are in no particular order).

Kevin’s Booby Traps

  • First, we have the Feather Coat. Kevin manages to get glue all over the bad guys face, via plastic wrap.
  • Next, we have the Trip Wire. At the top of the stairs is some strategically placed guerilla warfare. As Harry and Marv reach the top of the stairs, and see Kevin, they trip right over the wire.
  • After that, we have the Tarantula. But I think I’m just gonna call this one. A spider will do absolutely nothing to the Predator.
  • Then we have some improvised caltrops. Kevin places glass ornaments or baubles by one of the windows. When the bad guys came in, barefoot, they smashed the glass under their feet.
  • Another trap is the tar on the stairs. Marv is coming up from the basement and loses his socks and shoes on the way up. Now his feet are vulnerable.
  • There’s also the slippery staircase. Kevin is into using natural elements. With it being winter, he hoses down some stairs outside causing them to ice over.
  • We have a scalding hot handle. Kevin heats up a door knob to burn whoever touches it.
  • Hidden Nails: In the movie, it is placed on the tar, and Marv steps on it after his socks and shoes have been removed.
  • Then there is the falling iron. Kevin uses a vent shaft to cause an iron to fall onto the face of Marv. Basically knocking him out.
  • Keeping with the natural element theme, Kevin uses a blowtorch in the kitchen. As soon as someone opens the door, they get some fire to the head.
  • And finally, the classic paint-pot pendulum. From the railing, Kevin swings over a paint can tied to some rope and hits Harry and Marv square in the face.
who would win

The Predators Arsenal

  • Wrist Blades- Comes in handy for hand to hand combat.
  • Bladed Discs- The Predator seems to prefer blades. Like a boomerang, these small circular discs can be thrown great distances before returning.
  • Spears- both throwing and retractable.
  • Of course Heat Detection.
  • Shoulder Canon- capable of firing plasma blasts.
  • Cloaking device- initiated by his gauntlet, the Predator can blend into the background.
  • Super Strength- of course they have to catch their prey first.
  • And finally- self detonation. Basically, Predators are sore losers.

So, who would win? One thing we also need to take into consideration is the Yautja Honor Code. This is a set of rules that govern day-to-day interactions of Predators. It details under what circumstance they may kill and when they cannot. The code is strict. To break it is a near irredeemable offense. The biggest code that needs to be addressed in this is the Hunting Worthy Game. Predators must be sure his prey is considered game and lawful to kill. Killing a child is at the height of bad manners. However, the predator will sometimes equal the odds. Would Kevin be considered able to defend himself?

What do you think? Who would win? Let us know in the comments!

I grew up on Disney and being from Arizona, I was able to go every summer with my family. My love of all things Disney has just grown over time and have now been instilled into my marriage and our three wonderful kids! We love Disney and go as often as we can.

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