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Who Bought The Very First Disneyland Ticket?

0 6 months ago

The year is 1955. Walt Disney, a man with a million dreams, had conjured up a theme park of gargantuan proportions. Walt and his brother Roy O. Disney, whom oversaw the finances of WED Enterprises, were getting ready for their park to open up. Roy decided that he would do Walt a solid and purchase the first ticket to Disneyland, as it was thought to be remembered as a historical occasion. On opening day July 17, 1955, the two brothers went to ticket booth No.2 and Walt saw Roy purchase the very first ticket to Disneyland. A historical moment indeed, one of which we all wished we could’ve witnessed. Roy seemed to have thought it was a very special item because when he passed away, this weathered paper ticket was found in his personal desk drawer at Walt Disney Studios, according to Dave Smith, the chief archivist of Walt Disney Archives.

The ticket reads “Disneyland Adult ADMIT ONE No. 00001 Est. Price 91¢ Fed Tax 9¢ TOTAL $1.00”

That’s right folks, you could purchase an adult ticket to Disneyland on opening day for one single dollar. That’s shocking considering the price for admission for a one day ticket nowadays is upwards of $125. Another thing to consider about the price of park admission in 1955 is how you would also have to buy separate tickets for each ride/attraction. You could buy a ticket book for $2.50 filled with tickets ranging from “A” type attractions to “E” attractions, with “E” being the more thrilling, exciting rides. Or purchase a single ticket anywhere from 10¢-35¢.

1955 original Disneyland ticket book

I can only hope at some point in the future there will be a Disney archive museum filled with tons of Disney treasures such as this one!

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