What’s This? A Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel?

Melissa Fulks

While no movie is set yet, we can anticipate a new A Nightmare Before Christmas sequel novel! This time from the angle of Sally. However, it is not a retelling, but a story that takes place after the movie!

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The story takes place in the lives of a married Jack and Sally. Sally adjusts to her new royal role as the Pumpkin Queen. The love story focuses on the two of them, living happily until they have to deal with the mysterious villain that Sally lets loose.

According to i09 the book will be written by author, Shea Earnshaw. Her goal is to have the story take place from Sally’s point of view, bring back well-loved characters, and introduce some new ones. While the story will focus on life after the movie, we will get some information about Sally’s past. At this time the book is set to release sometime in 2022, and hopefully, a movie will follow? What do you think? Will you pick up this new story?

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