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What to Do If You Lose Something at Walt Disney World

All of us have misplaced something, before. But have you ever lost something vital, like your phone or car keys, at one of the Disney parks? This can be a frustrating, dreadful experience. However, when in Walt Disney World, there is always hope! We are going to tell you what to do if you lose something in the parks, along with our own experience.

1. Remain calm, and stay hopeful!

Keep your stress in check. You don’t want to let this unfortunate event ruin your well-earned vacation! You paid a pretty penny to spend a few days at the theme parks. While a missing item is an inconvenience, try not to let it consume you.

photo by disney

2. Fill out an online form about your item.

You can always approach a cast member, first, but they will tell you to fill out an online form through Lost and Found. On this form, you will describe your item and provide contact information in case it has been found. This will set you up for success from the beginning of your search.

3. Check Lost and Found at the park.

There is a Lost and Found center at each theme park. At Magic Kingdom, Lost and Found is located at City Hall. You may think re-tracing your steps is the best immediate option. While it’s possible that re-tracing your steps could work, it takes up a lot of time. In my experience, it was unnecessary. I lost my car keys in the Magic Kingdom. Since keys are a vital item, cast members at each attraction told me that the car keys would have been delivered immediately to City Hall.

Photo by michael gray

4. Re-trace your steps.

If you have no luck at the Lost and Found center, it is always an option to re-trace your steps. This is a better option if you’re searching for your item on the same day it was lost. Even though cast members act quickly about important items, there is the possibility that nobody caught your item. I spoke to cast members at nearly every attraction and store within the Magic Kingdom, asking about car keys. They were all extremely helpful and called their supervisors to ask about turned in items. Unfortunately, for me, there was no luck, yet. One cast member at the Enchanted Tiki Room told me he’d lost his keys at the Magic Kingdom three times! Each time, he found them, so he told me to hold out hope.

If there’s one thing the Magic Kingdom is good at, it’s finding lost items.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room Cast Member
bird at walt disney's enchanted tiki room magic kingdom
photo by disney

5. Play the waiting game.

Within 48 hours of filing your claim online (using the form link above), you will receive a status report. Sometimes, it can take over a day for your item to be found. Cast members at City Hall told me that at the end of every day, missing items are sent over to the main Lost and Found center at Disney Springs. There is a lot of hope to be had during this time! In my experience, this office operates efficiently. The morning after I lost my keys, I received an email that they had been found.

6. Re-unite with your lost item!

Once your item is (hopefully) found, you will choose how you want to receive it. You can pick it up at Disney Springs if you are still on property. But, no worries if you’re already home! Walt Disney World will mail you your item, free of charge with no shipping costs! I received my car keys within a week from requesting shipping.

So . . .

Now you know what to do if you lose something at Walt Disney World Resort! With a little bit of pixie dust, your item will be returned to you, shortly. Have you ever lost something at the parks? Let us know in the comments!


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Written by Olivia Willett

Olivia is a 20 year old English student and life-long lover of Disney parks. She has been visiting Walt Disney World since her childhood, and she aspires to visit each and every park around the globe.

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