In light of reopening during a pandemic, Disney has been taking extra safety and sanitary precautions. Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, officially reopened on July 11th with the promised safety measures. In addition to requiring face masks for all guests over the age of two and greatly reducing park capacity, Disney cast members are also sanitizing ride vehicles.

Credit: @psychodadof4 on TikTok

The video above shows two cast members spraying a Small World boat with cleaner between guests departures. Cast members wearing the appropriate PPE thoroughly cleanse each seat. Each ride has its own cleaning procedure to keep guests and cast members safe. Jungle Cruise even has Plexiglas partitions to separate families.

For the time being, going to any theme park will be drastically different. Each person will have their opinions as to when the best time to go back is. As always, safety is a top priority for Disney and they will go above and beyond to insure all guests are comfortable.

If you’re missing your fix of it’s a small world, check out this ride POV below!

Credit: iThemepark on YouTube

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