A classic piece of Disney’s California Adventure, Soarin’ Over California not only has a memorable visual experience but also pairs the ‘ride’ with a wonderful sound during your adventure through some of the worlds best sights. Sixteen-year-old Declan Messner put his love of Disney into action by assembling a huge, 50-piece ensemble to play the score from Soarin’ Over California.

“Soarin’ Over California was one of my favorite rides as a kid,” says Messner, whose parents are Disney Vacation Club members and bring the family to Walt Disney World regularly from their home in Ohio. “I loved everything about it. The smells, the sights and the immersion. I am a huge Disney fan and when the idea of hosting a virtual ensemble came up, this music immediately came to mind.”

Messner’s idea began to take shape with a post in late March to a Facebook group called “Music But Everyone Is Quarantined.” Many of the musicians who participated were from part of this group and Messner found the rest online and through school. (AttractionMagazine)

“The fact that more than 50 musicians could come together in such a difficult time and create beautiful music with nothing but a track astounded me,” Messner says. “This whole idea of virtual ensembles has been helping musicians all across the world connect with each other and continue doing what they love. Making music.”

Soarin’ Over California attraction at Disney California Adventure park.

And he plans to keep them coming. “Doing these virtual ensembles is a ton of fun,” he says. “And doing Disney scores brings back so many memories from when I was a kid.”

If you are missing the Soarin’ ride or just want to be reminded of the sights and sounds, take some time to watch the video above and share your thoughts and what other Disney classics you’d like to hear!

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