Walt Disney World Opens Solar-Powered McDonald’s

Olivia Willett

At Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, many construction projects have taken place in the recent weeks. From the new color of Cinderella’s Castle to various undertakings at the resorts, the McDonald’s on property may have fell off many of our radars. Situated out by the All-Star Resorts, this freshly refurbished, eco-friendly restaurant opened its doors today, weeks before the grand reopening of the parks!

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Aiding social distancing and safety measures, guests are able to place orders from touch screen kiosks upon entry. Registers are also running, with protective equipment for employees. More photos display the updated interior to the modernized restaurant.

This updated table has a slide out checkerboard!

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Guests may use a foot lever to open doors.

Moving onto the exterior, this is where the solar magic happens. The front of the building displays large wooden slats outlining the McDonald’s logo in yellow.

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Overall, there are 4,800 square feet of solar glass panels. These panels may generate up to 70,000 kilowatts per year!

Guests may even utilize energy spinning bikes!

For one of the cheapest restaurant options on property, this green update is surely impressive. What do you think? Will you visit McDonald’s on your next trip to Walt Disney World?

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By Olivia Willett Writer
Olivia is a 20 year old English student and life-long lover of Disney parks. She has been visiting Walt Disney World since her childhood, and she aspires to visit each and every park around the globe.
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