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‘Toy Story’ Alien Remix Merchandise is Coming to shopDisney in August!




Strangers! From the outside! Get ready for the new Toy Story Alien Remix merchandise coming to shopDisney in August!

Earlier this month, Entertainment Earth made the Alien Remix vinyl Funko Pop! figurines available for pre-order (now available for sale). Now, SO much Alien Remix merchandise is coming to shopDisney! The remix features the Toy Story Aliens dressed up as some of your favorite Pixar characters, such as Nemo, Anger, Woody, Russell, and even Remy.

The new merchandise line includes pins, eight inch plushes, pens, and even some comfy pajama sets. This remix will be arriving to shopDisney in three stages, each of them with their own unique sets of merchandise. Hopefully Disney’s online shopping system will not fail us as it has in the past. We sure would be ‘eternally grateful’ for that!

Here are the dates and some visuals for the Alien Remix line:

Credit: shopdisney

The first drop date will be August 15th at 7AM PT.

The second drop date will be August 22nd at 7AM PT.

Credit: shopdisney

The final drop date will be August 29th at 7AM PT.

Some of the merchandise in this collection is available for purchase on shopDisney today! Check out what you can get in this collection right now:

Credit: shopdisney

Toy Story Alien Pixar Remix Pen Set – $9.99

credit: shopdisney

Toy Story Alien Plush – Toy Story 4 – Small – 8″ – $11.99

credit: shopdisney

Toy Story Alien Pixar Remix Pajama Set for Boys – $22.99

Credit: shopdisney

Pizza Planet Sleep Set for Women – Toy Story – $34.99

credit: shopdisney

Toy Story Alien Pixar Remix Pajama Set for Girls – $22.99

OOOOOOO! How cute is this merchandise line? It quite possibly may be the coolest collection Disney has dropped in a long time. Hopefully the claw will grab some of your favorites out of this collection!

Click here for the all of the Alien Pixar Remix merchandise that is available on shopDisney right now!

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