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Thomas Kinkade Studios Takes On The Mandalorian




The name Thomas Kinkade means a little bit more to a Disney fan. Whether you are in a Disney Park, local mall or browsing online, you have likely come across a pleasant painting depicting a Disney character or two with the studios classic use of glowing highlights and pastel colors.

Thomas Kinkade passed away in 2012 at the age of 54 and achieved success throughout his career thru mass marketing of his work and printed reproductions. According to Thomas Kinkade Studios, one in every twenty American households have owned a copy of one of his paintings. Many of the studios paintings include luscious backgrounds most likely featuring a cottage, castle, lighthouse, waterfall, forest among other sceneries. Take a look at some of his previous work with Disney…

To no ones surprise, Thomas Kinkade Studios dipped into the Star Wars Universe once again for a new collection of artwork with The Mandalorian. The mainstream phenomenon has extended it’s reach into every crevasse of the internet including wide spread merchandising opportunities, artwork, gifs, memes, and more and seems like an unstoppable force as long as the show continues to release new seasons.

Thomas Kinkade Studios has released four pieces of artwork depicting various scenes from The Mandalorian including the initial meeting between Mando and ‘The Child’, the Razor Crest, the battle with the Mudhorn and a solo shot of Grogu aka Baby Yoda. It’s not hard to assume that the latter will be the most successful of the collection in the midst of the Baby Yoda fever pitch.

The Mandalorian – Turning Point

Thomas Kinkade Studios

The Mandalorian – The Escort

Thomas Kinkade Studios

The Mandalorian – The Mudhorn

Thomas Kinkade Studios

The Mandalorian – Child’s Play

Thomas Kinkade Studios

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