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Star Wars

This Star Wars Death Star Camping Tent is the latest trend in the Galaxy!




There’s nothing bears love more than a tasty geek. They’re like veal, with very little muscle, and little to no movement throughout life giving them a nice succulent flavor. Why not let the bears no just where they can find these delicious geeks that are pre-wrapped in a burrito casing with this Death Star camping tent. It’s a perfect gift idea for Star Wars fans.

The officially licensed Death Star tent comfortably sleeps 3 people, though if you’re wearing large cosplay costumes that take up a lot of room, maybe just 2. It’ll surely help you take your camping game to a whole new galaxy!

The Star Wars death star tent is created and sold by The Monster Factory, the same company that brought you the Volkswagen Hippy Bus Camping Tent, the light-up lightsaber dog leash, and the Volkswagen Hippy Bus Beer Cooler.

You can purchase this tent here!