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This is the Way. New Mandalorian plush have landed at Build-A-Bear!

1 2 weeks ago

In The Mandalorian, both Mando and Baby Yoda’s relationship have captured our hearts. Now they’ve captured our wallets as we rush to Build-A-Bear for their line of Star Wars plush! Before we get into the adorable Mando and The Child options, check out some of these original characters!

Right now Build-A-Bear is hosting a huge sale where you can get these bears from $17.50+ USD. There are even Star Wars themed clothing, and accessories to allow you to dress past bears in some great Star Wars merch!

While Darth Vader may be the most famous Star Wars dad, our new favorite adopted dad has his own bear, which can be purchased in a bundle including the theme song of The Mandalorian.

Last, but certainly not least. Everyone’s favorite child, Baby Yoda! You can purchase several different bundles or plush, or pick your perfect Baby Yoda and get him the the accessories, which are also sold separately! 

So, what are you waiting for? The sale is a limited-time offer, so jump over to Build-A-Bear now and order your Star Wars bundles now! 


    1. Alicia P

      Omg. That Darth Maul bear…hahahha! The Baby Yoda one is so adorable.

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