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This Is The Right Way to Display Your Disney Pin Collection

If you’ve been to a Disney Park, you’ve probably seen the numerous pin trading locations. Pretty much every Disney Parks gift shop has pins for purchase. Some Disney fans have even amassed a collection of hundreds (if not thousands) of pins like the people seen in the videos below.

Credit: Disney Pins Blog on YouTube
Credit: Oh My Disney on YouTube

Granted, most people don’t have this many pins, I myself only have a handful. No matter how many pins you have, there has to be a unique and creative way to display your collection. Well Disney fans, there’s a creative solution to this predicament.

@epicfamilyquests created a simple DIY for a practically perfect way to showcase Disney pins.


  • Shadowbox (make sure shadowbox is deep enough to hold your pins)
  • Poster board (multiple colors)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Printed template of your choosing
  • Scissors
  • Corkboard
  • Spray paint
  • Disney Pins


  1. Cut poster board and corkboard to fix the size of the shadowbox.
  2. Print your desired template. Google images has a TON of Disney templates.
  3. Cut out the template.
  4. Trace template on colored poster board.
  5. Cut tracing out of poster board.
  6. If desired, paint the edges of the cut-out poster board shape in any color with acrylic paint
  7. Optional: spray paint corkboard.
  8. Wait for painted portions to dry.
  9. Once dried, place the poster board on top of the corkboard and add your pins!
  10. Put your finished product in your shadowbox!

For this DIY, the poster board goes against the glass and the corkboard goes in the back of the shadowbox to create a 3D Effect! Tape can be used to make the poster board more secure.

That’s it! Now you’ll have a very unique way to showcase Disney pins!

Credit: @epicfamilyquests on Instagram

Do you want to more fantastic DIYs and amazing Disney adventures? Check out @epicfamilyquests on Instagram! From park trips, DIYs, spectacular costumes, and pure magic, there’s so much in store! Brother and sister duo Vanessa and Jack absolutely love spreading joy to fellow Disney fans!


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