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15 Baby Yoda Posts That Give Us Life

The Disney+ original series, “The Mandalorian,” is impressing critics and viewers alike, and even among die-hard Star Wars fans it is rare to find a negative review. Even if you run across someone with a Sithy attitude about the show, no one can deny the Jedi power of cuteness from the character “The Child,” AKA “Baby Yoda.” The merchandise has already started being released by Disney in the tiny powerful one’s likeness, too.

Business Insider first reported Parrot Analytics weekly “demand expressions” data for November 17-23 showed the Disney+ original series “The Mandalorian” dethroned 21-week champ, the Netflix original series “Stranger Things.” (“Demand expressions” is a term for the company’s standardized TV-demand measurement unit designed to reflect the desire, engagement, and viewership of a series weighted by importance. This term also shouldn’t be confused for the numbers that include the 10 million subscribers on Disney+ launch day.)

At this point, there’s no way anyone with a social media account hasn’t seen the images,  GIFs, or the jokes that go so far as people saying they would be willing to die to protect him. Although we’ve all seen so much of him, we figured we’d share some of our favorites again to hold us all over until the new round comes out with the next episode. Catch the schedule of new episodes here.

And just for giggles, some people are starting arguments between the Star Wars and Marvel fandoms against each other with memes and polls asking whether Baby Groot or Baby Yoda is cuter.[0]=68.ARDkJC5yYvrpXeoefT1pbfpiQnO6baquYIhk7fRFiFw3YzjikLhMjlYzez1hSfOWZsz71Pt7StvM-Mgvon2jKOF9XTMZPmCbod4IwpI2N-ANLIUeYJ4Ne4fFQtsWzkN37i56CVudGitUz-mYQOF3OWXqM5zZSf7IJsJ5U0rKjLuH_B6Pv0ClPk9UH4XUfrwv4PL48LUiBggztQq3H2yIqaspQYBSqpg0QLgaQnNLFyFBzE_OVY_6O-EVdTErulsxelyuX2i27ZTJYSrBwXXAhzZbCSCKMwW_8ghQrrcLap5ghIwZD4Nj9imYhGKQ88wQbj9Rve4Hu0CwYKDULyFM4CAArcOB8j9cJQ&__tn__=-R

There is no sign of slowing down or stopping Baby Yoda’s adorable mastery of the force over the internet or merchandise any time soon. Do you love him? Have you seen the show yet? Tell us in the comments and join us over on social media!


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