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The Ultimate At-Home Disney 4th of July Guide




Independence Day will definitely look a lot different this year, but I think we can all agree that 2020 has been less than normal so far. Disney has been celebrating the Fourth-of-July at The Disneyland Resort and The Walt Disney World Resort since each of their humble beginnings. This will be the first time in decades that the Disney Parks will not house thousands of guests to celebrate the nation’s birthday.

You may be bummed out that most of the usual Independence Day festivities will not be taking place this year or that you will not be able to see the ‘Celebrate America’ fireworks show at Magic Kingdom in person. However, there is still plenty of fun activities to enjoy at home this year!

Below are some cute food ideas, crafts for your little ones to enjoy, festive movies, and even merchandise that will make make everyone jealous of you at your socially distanced block-party.

Independence Day Treats

First up in our At-Home 4th of July Guide are some really easy and cute treats to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Both of these treats have just enough red, white, and blue with a splash of Disney magic.

Credit: Disney Family

Pictured above are the Fourth-of-July Fairy Cookies. These dainty flower treats give off super cute, patriotic pixie vibes. Get the whole family involved by decorating these cookies! In just four easy steps, for a total of 35 minutes, your family is sure to impress Tinker Bell and all her friends.

Click here for the full recipe.

Credit: Disney Family

Next up are Woody’s Independence Day Badge Cookies! These cookies are the perfect blend of patriotism and Toy Story fun. The Prospector will definitely want to taste test these treats! The yummy badges can be made in about 40 minutes in just five steps.

Click here for the full recipe.

Firecracker Crafts

Next in our guide are some easy crafts to get the whole family in the spirit of Independence Day! Not only will the kids enjoy making these crafts, but they’ll also be reminded of the mouse himself.

Credit: Disney Family

Having a drive-by parade in the neighborhood this year to celebrate the Fourth? You’ll definitely need a hand in waving at all your friends, and Mickey has got you covered. These Mickey Parade Wavers will give anyone and everyone some Disney magic during your time in a parade. This craft takes about 30 minutes to make in just five easy steps!

Click here for the full instructions.

Credit: Disney Family

The last craft in our Ultimate At-Home 4th of July Disney Guide is sure to make a bang! These Mickey Firework T-Shirts are not only super patriotic, but are a ton of fun to make. Each family member can create their own personalized t-shirt to wear to that parade mentioned above. For a total creation time of two hours, your family is sure to stand out!

Click here for the full instructions.

Festive Movies & Virtual Fireworks

This next section is dedicated to the quarantine television bingeing mostly everyone has been partaking in for the past couple of months. Disney+ has a collection of great movies and TV shows, but the ones listed below are sure to get you into the spirit of patriotism.

Credit: Disney Movies & Fandom

First up is National Treasure. Nicholas Cage. The Declaration of Independence. Need I say more?

Disney+ has integrated some really cool features within their streaming service that has grouped all of their big franchises together. Marvel will be your home for movies like Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: Winter Soldier. There are also great documentaries that take you through some of the nation’s most beautiful places like America’s National Parks.

Credit: The Oprah Magazine

The highly anticipated movie production of Hamilton has made its way onto Disney+ just in time for Independence Day. Lin-Manual Miranda’s Broadway musical phenomenon was supposed to land on the streaming service next year, but in light of all that has been going on, executives within the company expedited the release. Go on a journey as the people who built our nation share their own struggles, values, and dreams for America.

Credit: WDW Details

If you are missing some of the Disney firework magic, then YouTube is the place to be. There are so many 4th of July firework show videos, but the one I have linked above is one of my favorites. I may be a little biased just because it is at Magic Kingdom, but Disney just knows how to make a spectacular fireworks show. This year, watch the ‘Celebrate America’ show right from the comfort of your own home. At least you won’t have phones or children sitting on their parents’ shoulders to block your view.

The shopDisney Americana Collection

The final section in our Ultimate At-Home Disney 4th of July Guide is all of the shopDisney merchandise! ShopDisney has made a collection called ‘Americana’ which is perfect for all of your Fourth-of-July festivities. Truthfully, all of these pieces are great to wear when the parks are back open!

A lot of the merchandise within this collection is going on sale, and who doesn’t love a good bargain (especially when it comes to Disney)??

Credit: shopDisney

Going in order from left to right:

Mickey Mouse Americana T-Shirt for Men: $17.49 – $18.89

Mickey Mouse Americana Long Sleeve Pullover for Adults: $31.49 (Extra 20% off with code: EXTRA20)

Mickey Mouse Icon Americana T-Shirt for Kids: $21.99

Minnie Mouse Americana T-Shirt for Women: $17.49 – $18.89

Credit: shopDisney

Going in order from left to right:

Minnie Mouse Americana Ear Headband: $29.99

Mickey Mouse Americana MagicBand 2 – Limited Release: $29.99

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Americana Crossbody Bag by Dooney & Bourke: $198.00 (30% off Dooney & Bourke with code: DOONEY)

Mickey Mouse Americana Plush – Small – 11″: $15.39

For the entire Americana collection, click here.

I hope this guide gives you the perfect mix of patriotic fun and Disney magic! Even though we will all be confined to our houses for the nation’s birthday this year, we can still make being at home fun. Whatever your plans are I hope you and your family stay safe, healthy, and happy! Happy Fourth!!

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