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The Owl House Confirms Bi Character




Disney continues to break down its barriers. Following Officer Specter, the short film “Out,” and a few other subtle nods to the LGBTQ community, Disney is coming out in a big way. On Friday night, The Owl House, a Disney Channel show, aired a scene where 2 female characters danced together. This may not seem like a huge deal, but last night, Dana Terrace, the creator of the show, confirmed that the characters were bi.

In a string of tweets, Terrace confirmed that she is bi, so she wanted to have a bi character on the show. She says originally, Disney told her she could not put any representation in the show. However, she says, she was stubborn, and eventually, Disney decided to support her ideas, and continue to be supportive. She reminded fans to always fight for what they want to see.

Other Disney writers are stepping up to support her as well. Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls, praised her for her work. He says that when airing Gravity Falls, Disney forbade him from showing any representation on the show. He says he’s proud of Terrace, and Disney for doing a good thing. Hopefully, this means that we’ll see more LGBTQ characters in the Disney universe in the future.

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