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The One and Only Ivan Now Streaming on Disney+

As of August 21st, The One and Only Ivan is now streaming on Disney+. Follow Ivan, “the mighty silverback,” and his animal friends Bob, Stella, Ruby, and others on a heartfelt journey. These creatures touch the heart of any human on their search for what truly makes life worthwhile.

Ivan and his friend, bob

Ivan, a gorilla, is a headline act at a local shopping-mall circus. His act is simply his ‘natural’ rage: roaring and beating on his chest. But, is it really natural? Throughout this tale, we get to learn more about the real Ivan – a tender soul who finds true happiness with his hands in the mud – or finger-paint. But, that is far from the whole story. The circus is struggling, on the brink of closing down. So, the owner brings in a new headline act: a baby elephant named Ruby.

ruby from the one and only ivan on disney+

Stella, one of the older circus acts and fellow elephant, wants Ruby to live a different life than she has lived. Ivan promises Stella that he will take care of Ruby. As he takes on this challenge, he begins to learn things about himself that he hadn’t had the strength to face before. With Bob, a sneaky (but lovable) dog, along with other friends by his side, Ivan finds the strength to push forward and champion for a better life.

This film is inspired by true events.

Are you excited to watch The One and Only Ivan? Log in to Disney+ now, and check out what else is streaming!


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Written by Olivia Willett

Olivia is a 20 year old English student and life-long lover of Disney parks. She has been visiting Walt Disney World since her childhood, and she aspires to visit each and every park around the globe.

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