The Heartbreaking Story About One Boys Love for Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman’s passing hasn’t only had an impact on adults, it’s also had a profound impact on children. Boseman, who played Black Panther, was an icon for representation in superhero movies. Young boys who looked up to him are finding their own way of coping with his passing, by holding their own funerals.

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One such boy, is 7 – year old Kian Westbrook. Westbrook was “heartbroken” at the passing of one of his childhood heroes. When his mom asked him how he wanted to say goodbye, he said he wanted to have a funeral. However, he didn’t want to have just any funeral, he wanted him to have one like Iron Man’s in “Avengers Endgame.” As soon as he’d decided, he got to work.

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He collected all of the superhero action figures he’d gotten for his birthday. Then, he laid his Black Panther action figure on a shoe box with flowers to say goodbye. His mom snapped the picture, and the rest is history. Since it’s posting, tributes from other children around the world have poured in. It is clear from the amount of support Boseman has received that he and his character were beloved by all. Rest in power.

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