The Epcot Of Your Childhood Has Died

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Yes, you read that title properly. Epcot on October 1st, 2019 not only was a 37th birthday celebration for the park but a funeral.

So begins a new era of flux and transition into a even more IP, Intellectual Property, centered park. The park that once housed your dreams and hope for the future with Horizons, World of Motion and Universe of Energy has fallen from grace and now centers it’s story telling on fictional characters and movies. There’s no telling how the new Epcot reimagining will turn out until we see it complete.

Epcot Forever just premiered this week with nostalgic music peppered with up and coming kite choreography.

This night time presentation replaces the near twenty year run of IllumiNations which was a flagship nightly experience at Epcot. With promises of vintage throw backs stamped through the park, we can hope that we will see glimpses of our past, in the future.


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