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Target Announces Baby Yoda Plush, Funko POP!




It didn’t take long for “The Child” (AKA Baby Yoda) to take over the world, and fan’s hearts, when he made his grand entrance on the Disney+ original series “The Mandalorian.” The little (still nameless) dude has completely taken over social media in viral posts of him just doing everyday things like riding in the front seat, sitting in his hover stroller, eating frogs and drinking soup (sorry Kermit the Frog), and literally just standing there existing on our TVs. We haven’t been given much as far as official merchandise, but at least Target is giving us options with the announcement of a pre-order of a “The Child” plush and Funko POP!

The 11″ plush is what fans have been demanding, and this one does not disappoint. He is adorable and a combination of both soft body and vinyl head to give him a more accurate look. The toy’s photo on the website is for illustration purposes only, as we can only assume production has not started yet since the release date isn’t slated until April 1, 2020.

Concept of 11″ Baby Yoda plush. Lucasfilm/Target

There are 2 Funko POP! collectibles also up for pre-order on Target’s site in 2 different sizes. One is approximately 6.5 inches tall and stands on a base that says “Star Wars,” and the other is 10″ tall on an all black base. The release date on these two figurines just says “coming soon,” so we will see them much sooner than the plush.

6.5″ Funko POP! Lucasfilm/Target

10″ Baby Yoda Funko POP! Lucasfilm/Target

To preorder yours, visit Target’s website here: Target Baby Yoda Collection

Be sure to catch up on all the hype and follow the season 1 episode schedule to get you fix of “The Child,” and follow Just Disney for information regarding season 2 announcements. And if you still need more Baby Yoda in your life, be sure to check out this collection of 15 Baby Yoda posts that are sure to make you laugh!

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