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Studies Show Having Disney Friends Makes You Happier

Tabitha Boothe



Sometimes we bicker with our friends. Other times we are envious of them. So what’s the point? Why do we bother? Because they make us laugh when we’re down. They are there to cheer us on in the big (and small) moments. And because they play a huge role in some of our most precious memories.

So- why have Disney Friends? Here are the top five reasons why they will make your life one hundred and one times better.

Adventure Lovers

I’ve never met a Disney fan that wasn’t up for an adventure. Far off places, daring sword fights! These are just the beginning of an amazing friendship. Create crazy inventions together, or go explore a castle! You’ll never be bored with your Disney friend.

Quote Wars

If you’ve never had a quote war with your friend, you are missing out! You don’t have to know every Disney movie by heart, but if you know the basics, you’re good to go. It gets even better when you start singing about defeating the huns.

Inspired Romantics


Whether it’s picking out an outfit or telling you to simply “Bee yourself”, they will make sure all bases are covered for your date! Need a magic carpet ride or fireworks? They’ll try their best to make it happen.

Dressing Up


I know not everyone likes dressing up. But, have you ever dressed up as your favorite villain and sidekick? It’s great having a friend that will jump at an opportunity to be Kronk….or Yzma.

Dream Chasers


If Disney has taught us one thing, it’s that with the help of some faith, trust, and pixie dust, we can do anything. Now who better to help with that, than your closest Disney buddy! Disney lovers of all ages have learned to dream and follow their heart. Having someone in your life with ambitions and goals, will help you both go far in this world.

If you have found your Disney BFF, kudos to you! If not, find one quick, and be ready for an adventure that takes you to infinity and beyond!

I grew up on Disney and being from Arizona, I was able to go every summer with my family. My love of all things Disney has just grown over time and have now been instilled into my marriage and our three wonderful kids! We love Disney and go as often as we can.

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