Stitch Returns to Build-A-Bear and Angel is Joining Him!


Experiment 626 has returned to Build-A-Bear, but this time he brought along his friend, Angel! They are both available to purchase online, and would make great Valentine’s gifts for those special people in your life.

Stitch is shown in two different poses, one where he is sitting with his back feet exposed, one showing the Build-A-Bear logo, and the other Showing “Disney’s Lilo & Stitch.” While in the other pose, switch is standing and waving. Angel has several different poses!

Angel is shown in 5 different poses above. She also has one back paw with the Build-A-Bear logo, but the other sports “Stitch & Angel” to show their great friendship.

Stitch even has the option of coming with a sound card! Stitch with sound retails for $40.00 USD. Stitch and Angel with no sound cards both retail for $32.00 USD. You can order both of them here! Remember to check back with us for more exciting Disney Build-A-Bear collections!


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Written by Melissa Fulks

I'm Melissa! Disney is a huge part of my family and I love having the opportunity to share my love for Disney with all of you! I spend most of my time with my family and all my fur babies.

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