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Start Your Day Off Right With Disney Villain Cereals!

Eating a balanced breakfast with these new Funko creations will help keep your inner villain away.




Funko, the company that makes collectible “POP!” vinyl figures, has rolled out something special this Halloween for all the villain lovers! But don't be scared… the only thing spooky about these snacks is the sugar content. The two fruit-flavored multigrain cereals inspired by Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” and Oogie Boogie from “Nightmare Before Christmas” will give you the energy you need to get through your wicked plans for the day! 

And just like any sugar cereal we remember as kids, the best part is the free toy in every box! The mini vinyl “Pocket POP!” that comes with each box are just smaller versions of the larger “POP!” figures. (Bonus: Oogie Boogie glows in the dark!)

These 2 Disney villain cereals are exclusive to Spencer’s and Spirit Halloween Stores. They are expected to start shipping order on or before September 11th, so you can either preorder them online, or wait to rush to stores when they are released. 

Which one do you want to try? Do you just want the toy? Tell us in the comments, and come join us over on social media!