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UPDATE: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Hit By Huge Lightning Bolt – Now Closed




UPDATE: Since we reported the lightning strike that shook the world this morning, it seems there may be more to the story. Reports are flooding in that Rise of Resistance has been closed all day. There’s no confirmation that the closure is due to the lightning, but it stands to reason that it’s likely due to problems caused by the strike.

Guests got to Hollywood Studios this morning, and were exited to be put in boarding groups. However, as the day passed, they never got a boarding time. Eventually, Disney let guests know the ride was closed. It’s a huge disappointment for guests, who have to book parks days in advance, meaning its likely the only time they’ll get to the park. Hopefully the ride will be up and running soon.

ORIGINAL STORY: Weather at Disney is unpredictable. You can often count on rain, heat, and sometime a little bit of wind. However, yesterday, fans got way more than they bargained for when a Lightning Bolt of Palpatine forces struck Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

screenshot from video. You can see at least 2 lightning bolts.

Everything seems normal, then the video shows the lightning bolt strike a lightning rod at the top of Batuu. You can see multiple bolts if you look closely. The camera flashes white, and the impact of the strike causes the audio to stop. Although it looked scary, and the impact was loud, no one was injured, and no damage was reported. Luckily, Galaxy’s Edge was spared the wrath of the dark force, and it stands to live another day.

What’s the craziest weather you’ve experienced while at Disney?

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