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“Spider-Man 3” and the possible Sinister Six Coming Soon

Tabitha Boothe



This new “Spider-Man 3” has a lot attached to it. Including a possible, long awaited, live action “Spider-Verse.” There are reports that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are coming back as their respective Peter Parkers. They would be joining Tom Holland in this latest Spider-Man movie.

The film is set to continue with the plot that was introduced at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. This sequel is bringing back some old foes from previous Spider-Man movies as well. Both Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx from The Amazing Spider-Man, and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man will be playing their characters Electro and Doctor Octopus.

Spider-Man 3

On top of that, Benedict Cumberbatch is confirmed to return as Dr. Strange. If all these reports are true, then there’s a strong possibility of the ‘Sinister Six’, a super group of Spider-Man’s greatest foes, making their onscreen debut.

This sequel is set to be in theatres on December 17th, 2021. Whether or not that date is set in stone remains to be seen. With the current global situation, a lot of 2021 release dates are subject to change. Filming is currently underway with Holland joining the set in Atlanta. He caught up with them in late October after filming Uncharted.

Nothing official has been released about “Spider-Man 3”. However, Holland has promised that it’s “absolutely insane”. Based on the casting so far, that seems pretty accurate. But the ending of Far From Home has left Parker in a very tough spot. Thanks to Mysterio and Jonah Jameson, the world knows who he is.

If Mysterio is still alive, it makes the possibility of the Sinister Six even more likely. Especially with the casting of Doctor Octopus and Electro.

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