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Soarin’ At Home Kit – Target Exclusive




Disney has partnered with retail giant Target to bring their attractions into your home. Soarin’ At Home can soon be experienced on the comfort of your couch or living room.

Target is working with Disney on releasing kits for specific attractions you can purchase for your family to enjoy. One of the first to come out will be:
Soarin’ Around The World ‘Home Edition’ This kit will come with a variety of scents including, Orange Blossom, Fiji Waters, Savannah Grass, and even India Roses.

Each kit comes with dedicated mist bottles filled with an already mixed solution for the scents and portable fan that can plug into a USB outlet.

Instructions are clear when to add scents to the experience and the kit comes with a YouTube link to the official ride footage to allow users to be fully submerged without having to suffer through low resolution footage.

Disney suggests sitting on a recliner or seat that allows you to have your legs dangle off the ground and give the illusion of flight.

These kits start at $44.99 and will be release late summer through the Target Online Store and in store.

As soon as we get our hands on one of these we will post a product review to this article!

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