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Sneak Peak: Avenger’s Campus at Disneyland Resort




Josh D’ Amaro is quickly becoming a beloved member of the Disney Parks family. The chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products has been all around the parks in the past few days. First, he enjoyed his time at EPCOT, making sure guests were having a good time. Then, he got to visit Disneyland, and take a tour of Avengers Campus.

During his tour, he explored the unopened area with Ken Potrock, Kevin Feige, and Walt Disney Imagineering. Part of the tour involved the Quinjet landing at the top of the campus. This is exciting because the Quinjet was originally part of the “Phase 2” opening. Hopefully, this means that fans will be seeing parts of the “Phase 2” sooner than we had hoped.

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Avenger’s Campus is a new land in Disneyland that will feature our favorite Marvel heroes. Fans will get to go on a new ride, Web Slingers: A Spider – Man Adventure, to help Spider – Man capture escaped Spider – bots. They’ll also get to eat at the Pym Test Kitchen, a restaurant inspired by the lab in “Ant – Man and the Wasp.” The Quinjet is going to be a new attraction, taking guests on a flight to Wakanda. Originally supposed to open July 18, it’s been pushed back indefinitely due to Covid – 19 restrictions. Hopefully soon, fans will be able to explore the long awaited land.

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