With Covid hitting us hard this year, one starts to miss the sights, sounds, and even smells of Disney. It’s easy enough to go online and find articles or videos of Disney, like here. But what about the smells? Well 3 Cheeky Chicks Wax Co. has cornered the market on that. They have made sure to bring us the smells of Disney when we aren’t able to be there.

Smell is actually a big component of Disneyland. The sense of smell is linked with memories, and Disneyland was built for memories. Of course Imagineers knew this, and that’s how the “Smellitizers” came to be. You get the scent of baking cookies when walking down Main Street. You smell the salty sea air when you reach Pirates of the Caribbean. There’s the smell of citrus when you fly over the Orange Groves in Soarin’. It even smells like honey on Pooh’s Adventure.

Disney Smells
wax melts.photo:3cheekychickswaxco.

3 Cheeky Chicks Wax Co. has almost any smell you want that would remind you of Disney. They have candles, wax melts, and room sprays. They also have a Villains section. If you want, there is some Fall scents and Christmas scents too! (My favorites are Park Opener, Churros, and Pineapple Twirl).

wax melt
wax melt.photo:3cheekychickwaxco.

Park Opener $4.95- Need an eye opener for the rope drop at the parks? This wax melt packs a delightful punch to the senses. The smell of fresh hazelnut latte is the perfect way to wake up.

wax melt
wax melt.photo:3cheekychickswaxco.

Churros $4.95- Everybody loves Churros! The smell of sweet buttery dough, mixed with notes of cinnamon and sweet vanilla.

wax melts
wax melt.photo.3cheekychickswaxco.

Pineapple Twirl $4.95- Take a minute to enjoy a cool, refreshing treat of freshly cut pineapple and the smooth creamy vanilla cream. Takes you back to one of the yummiest treats of Disney.

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