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Should Disneyland Pick Up and Move? How About Vegas?

Tabitha Boothe



Should Disneyland move? It doesn’t seem like they’ll be opening up anytime soon anyways. So why not? There has been talk for years about it. But, with everything going on right now, it might actually be time.

Up until Covid hit, Disneyland had only been closed three times since it’s opening. The first was November 23rd, 1963. The park closed it’s gates the day after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The second time was on January 17th, 1994. There was a 6.7 magnitude earthquake that hit L.A. The park was closed to allow inspections of all the rides. The third time was on September 11, 2001; when the Twin Towers were attacked in New York City. It has now been closed for over 200 days; and there’s no opening date in site.

Is it time for a move? We have two Disney Parks currently in the States. One in California and one in Florida. Both closed within a day of each other back in March. However, Disneyworld in Florida opened back up mid July and is still going strong. Disneyland in California? Nothing.

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What About Vegas?

Think about it- what if Disneyland moved to Vegas? Just like Florida, Nevada is also business friendly. They are working with their businesses during this last year instead of closing everything down for months and months. So, regulation would once again be on Disney’s side.

Las Vegas is already a tourist city. Plus, it keeps a Disney Park close to the West. It’s becoming the kind of place families are going to. There’s lots of open land available in Vegas. Disney can spend a couple billion dollars buying a few thousand acres. They can spend five years building a new Disneyland; and have plenty of room to expand. A plus for Disney- no income taxes in Nevada.

Should Disneyland move? Let us know your thoughts.

I grew up on Disney and being from Arizona, I was able to go every summer with my family. My love of all things Disney has just grown over time and have now been instilled into my marriage and our three wonderful kids! We love Disney and go as often as we can.



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    January 2, 2021 at 11:50 pm

    I think it’s a natural fit for Disney to become part of the Vegas landscape. As the story details, Nevada is business friendly and would be great move while land is plentiful out there. Anaheim is too grown up around the park and it’s a pain to deal with soy th web California traffic. Maybe the the savings on taxes and operating costs in Nevada can be passed on to customers with lower ticket prices.

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    January 10, 2021 at 4:58 am

    Yes!!! Please move to Las Vegas, Disney.

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