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Shop Disney’s Castle Collection: Cinderella’s Castle

Shop Disney’s Castle Collection.




Shop Disney’s Cinderella Castle Light-Up Figurine Photo
Credit: shopDisney

Shop Disney has brought joy once again into our homes by introducing us to The Castle Collection! The Castle Collection includes pins, specialty merchandise and of course Castle figurines! The very first castle that we get to be enchanted with is the classic Cinderella Castle. The Cinderella Castle comes with dramatic lighting and beautiful window vignettes that include swinging gates that open to a lighted hallway. In front of the castle you can see the staircase that Cinderella escaped on, including the clocktower that is set to midnight just like the classic story. This limited edition castle also includes 2 lighted window dioramas including a scene of Prince Charming and Cinderella dancing the night away.

Photo Credit: shopDisney

Each Cinderella Castle comes with its own collectors box allowing the collector to store the castle safely away when needed. This Cinderella Castle Light-up Figurine costs $149.99 plus shipping and tax. The Disney’s Castle Collection will include 10 different princess castles. Make sure to watch for the announcement for the second castle release soon! Don’t forget offers free shipping on orders over $75 with the code SHIPMAGIC! Add this beautiful Cinderella Castle Light-up Figurine to your collection today!

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