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Shop Disney’s Castle Collection: Arendelle Castle from Frozen

Shop Disney’s 2nd of 10 Castle Collection Drops Tomorrow: Arendelle Castle from Frozen




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Shop Disney will debut it’s second Castle Collection Series starting tomorrow July 13th at 7amPDT/9amCST thru Friday, July 17th for the Arendelle Castle Collection from Frozen. The Arendelle Castle Collection features a pin, ornament, journal, puzzle and light-up figurine. Each item will have unique features of the Arendelle Castle, such as detailed windows and Elsa’s ice decorations. The Arendelle Castle will be limited edition to a first come first serve bases. This limited edition will actually be the very first collector’s item to be released under the MerchPass. The MerchPass is a new Shop Disney tool that is suppose to help those collector’s and non-collector’s alike each have a chance at buying the specific items by limiting purchases per guest.

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If you are a huge fan of Frozen like I am then this will be one castle you won’t want to skip on! I can’t wait to see what special features the Light-up Castle Figurine will come with! The prices of the collection will most likely follow the Cinderella Castle collection prices, with the castle coming in at $149.99 plus tax. Don’t forget that usually has a SHIPMAGIC for free shipping over $75! Good luck to those using MerchPass for the Arendelle Castle tomorrow!

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