Set Sail With Redd’s Revenge Strawberry Dole Whip!

1 min

Argh Matey! Prepare to devour the most delicious and brightest treasure you’ve set your heart upon! Just premiering at The Sunshine Tree Terrace, is a spiraling Strawberry Dole Whip island upon strawberry Fanta.

This sweet treat called Redd’s Revenge, is the perfect afternoon snack for the family and is only $6.99. Named after the famous female pirate Redd, in Pirates of The Caribbean, it is a sight to see! Disney has been spoiling us with these amazing treats as of late and this one doesn’t disappoint.

The float even comes with a milk chocolate pirate hat on top! What a perfect way to cool down in Adventureland.  Are you planning on trying one of these edible delights on your next trip? Comment down below!

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