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Science Says Couples Who Both Love Disney Have Better Relationships

Are you afraid of ending up in a relationship where your partner doesn’t share your love of all things Disney? Well now it turns out science will actually back you up on those fears! Don’t settle with a Prince Hans of the Southern Isles just because he’s handsome royalty, or a pretty-voiced Vanessa who is actually a sea witch in disguise. If you consider yourself a Disney fan and want to find the Giselle to your Robert, or the Eugene Fitzherbert to your Rapuzel, you MUST first find out if their love of Mickey matches yours.

Research shows the happiest couples are the ones who share common interests and travels together, including all things Disney related, whether it be watching movies or attending the parks.

The University of Kansas conducted 39 studies involving 15,000 people for 30 years to collect data for analyzing how relationships either work out or fail. “Playfulness between romantic partners is a crucial component in bonding and establishing a relational security. Particularly shared laughter is an important indicator,” states researcher Jeff Hall. “What is strongly related to relationship satisfaction is the humor that couples create together” via those mutual interests. (For example: laughing at the same scenes in Enchanted, creating Disney-themed inside jokes like assigning secret Disney nicknames for mutual people you know, or howling in unison at the same corny jokes by your skipper on the Jungle Cruise.)

And as it turns out, couples who frequently share their love of Disney with each other have a better shot at achieving their own fairytale ending. Just like Carl and Ellie shared their love of books in Up, “A relationship is much more likely to be successful and long-lasting when couples share common interests and hobbies,” says Francine Lederer, a Los Angeles-based clinical psychologist. If one of you only loves Marvel, and the other only classic princesses, your relationship might be in trouble. It’s not bad to have different interests since we can’t all love all the same things all the time, but the more you DO share, the research shows the better your chances are.

Liana Satenstein of Vogue even writes, “Not every relationship requires a keypad to communicate.” Meaning sharing common interests and hobbies, along with uninterrupted time to experience them together, leads to more intimate quality time. If you both love Snow White AND roller coasters, don’t skip the Seven Dwarves Mine Train strictly due to the long standby time; put the phones down, make some memories and bond in that line together!

The bottom line from all the research and data from these experts in love and science? Watch all the movies, read all the articles, go to the parks, or even just wear matching Mickey shirts in public! When you find someone who shares your true love for Disney, get out there and experience it TOGETHER and you’ll have a more amazing, everlasting storybook relationship for it.



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