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Reflections – A Lakeside Lodge No More

0 4 months ago

Disney construction plans have been up in the air since Covid – 19 hit. A few days ago, Bob Weiss confirmed that shake – ups were coming. Between cancellations and delays, fans have been hanging on every word, trying to figure out where there favorite projects stand. Today, it seems there is another casualty, Reflections – A Lakeside Lodge.

Source: Google

The nature – inspired hotel was supposed to debut for guests in 2022. It seems that’s no longer the case, as it’s been completely scrapped from the anticipated hotels list. Disney has not confirmed anything, but it’s disappearance leaves a lot up to the imagination. At this time, fans are speculating it is facing worse than just a delay. We can speculate all we want, but until an official Disney announcement, we wont know!

source: Google

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