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Plot Hole in Toy Story Finally Addressed by Pixar Director

Tabitha Boothe



For almost 30 years now, there has been one plot hole that has stumped Pixar fans. In Toy Story, if Buzz Lightyear doesn’t believe he’s a toy, then why does he stop moving when someone enters the room? Each time Andy or his mom walked into the bedroom, Buzz would drop just like all the other toys. Why?

Well, with the studios latest film, Soul, arriving on Disney Plus, one Pixar director sat down and answered our question. Pete Docter was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post, and they asked him for us. It turns out, this wasn’t something that went unnoticed by the writers. Quite the opposite actually. It was discussed a great deal. However, the answer isn’t something we really expect.

They ultimately chose to ignore it. Pete goes on to say- “We went through a lot of discussion on Toy Story. About like- if Buzz doesn’t know he’s a toy, why does he go rigid when a kid walks in the room? We had a lot of explanations and talk about that too. And in the end, nobody cared. I think the short answer is you just have to kind of try to guess where the audience is going to find importance. Or at least push their interest there.”

plot hole

So, underwhelming as it may be, at least we know the answer to this plot hole. Now, the next time we see Buzz, in his new movie Lightyear, starring Chris Evans, this issue won’t be brought up.

plot hole

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