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PJ Mask Diversifying Cast




PJ Mask is getting 4 new characters in an effort to add more diversity to the popular Disney Jr. show. In the upcoming episodes of season 4, we’ll get a chance to meet Newton Star, Munki – Gu, Octobella, and Pharaoh Boy.

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PJ Mask follows children Amaya, Greg, and Connor, normal kids by day, but Superheroes by night. The children transform into alter egos Owlette, Gekko, and Cat Boy when they put on their PJs, and save the day while learning valuable lessons.

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On August 3rd, we’ll get the chance to meet Newton Star, a new hero created from an asteroid accident. His powers include moving asteroids with his mind and creating shields from stars. He will also star in the August 17th episode. After his introduction, we’ll get to meet the other 3 heroes. It is rumored we’ll also get to meet some new villains too.

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I know my little Gekko is super excited to meet some new friends on his favorite TV show, and I’m very excited that they’re going to be diversifying their cast. Hopefully Disney will continue this trend with other Disney Jr. shows.

Hi I’m Carolyn, I’m a huge Disnerd! In my spare time I spend time with my Minnie Mouseketeer and planning my next Disney Vacation. I’m a huge believer in Disney Magic, and try to spread a little wherever I go!

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