PICTURES: Plexiglass Added to Jungle Cruise Boats

Jungle Cruise Plexiglass

Plexiglass has been added to the Jungle Cruise boats in order to maintain social distancing on the ride. This is in line with a slew of other modifications that can be found everywhere you look at Walt Disney World. From social distancing markers to mandatory masks while in the theme parks, the changes are very apparent everywhere you look.

One piece in this ‘new normal’ puzzle that many were wondering how Disney would handle were high capacity attractions. Most of these attractions, such as the UP! A Great Bird Adventure Show and Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, have changed in significant ways.

Jungle Cruise is also among these attractions that have changed by now having plexiglass inside the boats of the ride. Guests are not allowed to sit in the middle of the boat, but are now being instructed to sit in between the plexiglass dividers. Take a look at what the ride looks like now:

Credit: JayInFlorida

Disney is now utilizing plexiglass in the actual ride vehicles, not just in the queues. Some guests that have ridden the Jungle Cruise have said that these dividers take away from some of the magic.

Credit: JayInFlorida

It looks like we will all be looking at the eighth Wonder of the World through some plexiglass!

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