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Percy Jackson Budget Bigger than Star Wars and Marvel

Tabitha Boothe



I, and so many others, are in love with the Percy Jackson series. So, when it was confirmed that Disney Plus was making a series out of it, fans could not wait! Disney received ownership of the franchise after they bought out 20th Century Fox back in 2019.

There is currently no official debut date on the 2021 release schedule. But a new report states that this new series is going to be big budget. Even more so than the many Marvel and Star Wars series coming out soon.

percy jackson

So far, there have been two Percy Jackson films: The Lightning Thief (2010) and Sea of Monsters (2013). Both of the films featured Logan Lerman (Percy), Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth), and Brandon T. Jackson (as Grover). However, there is no word on whether or not these three will be reprising their roles.

Author, Rick Riordan, posted to Twitter earlier last month showcasing a first look at the new logo for the Disney Plus Series.

The pilot script has already been submitted for approval by Disney. For anyone unfamiliar with the Percy Jackson book series, you’re missing out. The books center around a boy (demi-god) who is part human and part Greek god. The son of Poseidon and his friends from Camp Half-Blood embark on many different adventures throughout the novels.

There are five books in the main series. Disney Plus is projected to adapt one book per season. Hopefully all lights will continue to be green for Percy Jackson.

I grew up on Disney and being from Arizona, I was able to go every summer with my family. My love of all things Disney has just grown over time and have now been instilled into my marriage and our three wonderful kids! We love Disney and go as often as we can.