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On-Ride Photos Will Not be Given to Guests Who Do Not Wear Face Masks While on Attractions at Disney World

It’s safe to say that the Walt Disney World Resort has put some extremely strict guidelines in place upon the reopening of their parks. One that seems to be causing a lot of chatter on social media is the fact that on-ride photos will not be given to guests who choose to not properly wear their face masks while on attractions. This has been put in place for rides like The Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and Buzz Lightyear’s Spacer Ranger Spin.

All on-ride photos will be deleted within the PhotoPass system for guests who are not wearing masks while riding. This has been heavily enforced at the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and will continue to be enforced at EPCOT and Hollywood Studios when they open on Wednesday.

A good example of how to wear your mask on a ride/how to get your on-ride photo is displayed below:

Credit: Crazy For Disney

Many guests have voiced that the PhotoPass system has been taking a while to upload their photos onto their My Disney Experience app. However, if you and the rest of your group are following the rules, then your photo will eventually be loaded onto the app.

This new rule is to, once again, enforce procedures put in place with the safety and health of every single guest at top of mind. So, make sure to wear your mask while on the rides to receive a photo. Better yet, wear them everywhere in the parks where you are supposed to for a smooth and safe experience!


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