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Olaf Origin Story and More Coming to Disney+




Olaf stole our hearts in the “Frozen” franchise. His innocent comedy and caring nature make him a relatable character for many children. Now, he’ll be getting his own standalone short film.

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“Once Upon a Snowman” premiers on Disney+ October 23. The film follows Olaf after Elsa creates him. It’ll take viewers on his journey through the mountains of Arendelle. He searches for his identity and develops a love for summer. Fans will finally learn how he ended up in the snow for Anna and Kristoff to meet.

The film will star Josh Gad, who voiced Olaf in “Frozen” and “Frozen 2.” This isn’t the only Olaf we’ll be getting though. In addition, Gad will be voicing Olaf in set of films “Olaf’s Learning Adventures.” These tutoring videos will discuss all subjects from grammar to math. Are you excited for Olaf’s return?

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