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O’Canada! Minnie Mouse Ears

0 4 months ago

O’ Canada! We have new Minnie Mouse Canada Ears! Walt Disney World just debuted new Minnie Mouse Hockey Puck ears! You can find these new Canada ears at Epcot in the Canadian Pavilion around World Showcase. These signature ears show off the Canadian Flag and say Canada on the headband. These ears are really unique because they feature one of Canada’s signature sport: Hockey! The ears on the headbands are two hockey pucks that have been stamped with the Canadian flag on them. These hockey puck ears also feature the signature feel and look of a hockey puck, which really makes them one of a kind! The bow also has a very special feature! When you look closely at the bow you can see that 2 hockey sticks have been criss-crossed behind the red and white bow. The hockey sticks also have special detailing on them, like the white body of the hockey stick and the handle features white details.

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These Canada Minnie Mouse ears pair really well with Canada’s long sleeve signature Spirit Jersey that you can only find at Epcot! If you visit the parks soon make sure you grab a pair of Canada ears! These Minnie ears are so cute, they are sure to be a hit in the parks!

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