Next Park Ears Have Us Seeing Redd

No, the title doesn’t have a typo. We meant to spell Redd with two Ds because that’s the namesake pirate behind the next solid-colored ears that are coming to the parks and!

Instagram: @disneystyle

In case you didn’t know: Redd is a female pirate character in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise. It has been rumored that ever since they changed the controversial “Wench Auction” scene in the rides at both DL and WDW with her character, Redd will also be taking over as the main character in future franchise sequels with the departing of our dear, beloved Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp).

Photo: Disney Parks

Disney Style announced the next color over on Instagram with singer/songwriter/actress Ingrid Michaelson modeling the “Redd” ears in front of the holiday-themed “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland Resort. The ears look to be the same construction as previous single-colored ears, exploding with fiery, vibrant red sequins and a pleated leatherette bow (and I can vouch for their comfort level on kids and adults, because my young daughter and I share our collection).

Although we weren’t given a specific date yet, it seems to be convenient timing (if released VERY soon) with the versatility of the color. People will want them not only for the holidays, but red is one of the most popular colors for merchandise because it matches everything “Classic Mickey and Minnie.” Red was the staple color in this year’s holiday merchandise as well in everything from the holiday Dooney & Bourke line to the holiday ears and spirit jerseys. Considering themost recent COACH designer ears sold out within 6 hours recently, and the Heidi Klum ears fetched $600 per pair, these fiesty “Redd” ears at a much lower park ear price will have everyone excited to snag a pair!

What do you think of the next Redd color? Tell us in the comments and join Just Disney over on social media!



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