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New Toy Story Pandora Collection And More!




The new PANDORA Toy Story charms have a good quality level of detail on each character. Take a look below!

PANDORA Disney Pixar Toy Story
Woody Pendant Charm (798041ENMX)
$55 USD / £50 / €55 / $79 AUD / $70 CAD

The PANDORA Disney Pixar Woody dangle features black and white enamel on his cow hide waistcoat and yellow enamel for his Sheriffs badge. Woody stands hand on hip, tipping his hat most likely to Bo Peep. A nice addition is the Toy Story theme song title ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ which is engraved around the bale.

PANDORA Disney Pixar Toy Story
Buzz Lightyear Pendant Charm (798042CZR)
$75 USD / £55 / €65 / $89 AUD / $80 CAD

Buzz Lightyear stands in his typical self assured pose, ready to inspect his new surroundings. He is a bit chunkier than the Woody dangle and includes a bright red cubic zirconia ‘button’ and purple enamel detail. Once again the detail is fantastic, right down to his funny chin dimple and facial features. As per the Woody dangle the Buzz Lightyear Pendant includes an engraved bale, this time with his catchphrase ‘To infinity and Beyond!’.

PANDORA Disney Pixar Toy Story
Jessie Pendant Charm (798048CCZ)
$55 USD / £50 / €55 / $79 AUD / $70 CAD

Cowgirl Jessie matches Woody with her black and white enamel cowhide trousers and large cowboy hat. A touch of yellow enamel completes her outfit and she looks pretty with her hair tied in its signature plait. Instead of an engraved phrase, a sparkling golden cubic zirconia stone decorates the bale.

PANDORA Disney Pixar Toy Story
Alien Charm (798045EN82)
$55 USD / £45 / €49 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD

My absolute favourite Toy Story characters are the Aliens from the arcade game at Pizza Planet and I smile each time I hear them say ‘The claw is our master!’. The PANDORA Disney Pixar Alien charm stands with his mouth open wide and you can almost hear the ‘ooooh’ sound he is making! Details include the Pizza Planet restaurant logo on his outfit and a blue enamel belt. I am really happy that my favourite character is a non-dangle charm and he is a definite must have for me!