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New Figment Coming to EPCOT in Undisclosed Project




Figment is the EPCOT mascot, and star of Journey to Imagination. The lovable purple dragon is a fan favorite, and it looks like we may be getting a reimagining soon. This week, on the Disney+ short, “One Day at Disney” we got a first look at a new Figment.

source: google

“One Day at Disney” focuses on different aspects of the park, following someone as they work a day at Disney. This week, the episode followed Alice Taylor, VP of Content Innovation at Disney’s StudioLAB. Her job is to create shareable content using groundbreaking technology.

Throughout the episode, fans got to see various new Figment designs. Designed by Nak Yong Choi, the designs are different from Figment’s normal look. Using drawings, he creates a 3D clay model that can be used for VR capabilities and more. The designs featured throughout the episode are different from Figment’s usual look. Once finalized, Disney Parks reviews the designs to confirm character integrity.

source: google

It’s important to note, that there is no specific project named for these new Figment variations. However, some are hopeful it has something to do with the unreleased 80s educational videos featuring Figment. What do you think?

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