New Disney Pixar Funko Pops! Released for Upcoming Movie: Soul

Cassandra Workman

Funko has just announced a new set of Pops! for the unreleased Disney Pixar film “Soul.” This collection consists of Pop! pens, figures and keychains of main characters for the film, including Joe Gardener, Mr. Mittens, Soul 22 and Moonwind. Joe and Mr. Mittens are available in both their normal state, along with how they appear in the Soul World, while Soul 22 can be purchased in both a standard or grinning form. Soul 22 is also featured as a glow-in-the-dark Barnes and Noble exclusive.

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Pixar’s newest film explores death, individuality and the meaning of life in a family friendly way.

Diving into the mature themes of death and the afterlife, “Soul” proves to be a thought provoking film that centers around life’s most important yet unanswered questions. The film follows part time middle school bandleader Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) who has a passion for jazz and dreams of performing it onstage; after a successful opening act at the Half Note Club things seem promising for Joe, but an unfortunate and untimely accident leaves his soul separated from his body.

Because Joe did not die as a result of the accident, he becomes stuck in The Great Before, which acts as a limbo for souls who will either be reincarnated as newborn babies or taken to the Land of the Dead. He embarks on a journey to get back to the Land of the Living, wherein he enlists help from a pessimistic soul-in-training called 22 (Tina Fey).

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Joe faces a timed mission, as he needs to return to Earth before his body officially dies. He endures challenges and hardships, while learning the secrets of life and as a result of his journey, he is able to better understand his individuality. In the end, Joe finds a deeper appreciation for life, and all the things that make him who he is.

The film, which was originally scheduled for a theatrical release on November 20th 2020, will now be available for Disney+ subscribers on December 25th, 2020. Unlike Disney’s Mulan, “Soul” will not be an additional cost to watch. This is the first Pixar film in history to not receive a theatrical release, as a result of COVID-19. For more information regarding the release of the film, check out this article.

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“Soul” Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure Checklist

742- Joe Gardner

Showing the Funko Pop! figure 742 Joe Gardener
Price: $11

743- Mr. Mittens

Showing the Funko Pop! figure 743 Mr. Mittens
PRICE: $11

744- Joe Gardener (Soul World)

Showing the Funko Pop! figure 744 Joe Gardener in Soul World
PRICE: $11

745- 22

Showing the Funk Pop! figure 745 Soul 22
PRICE: $11

745- 22 Glow in the Dark

Barns and Noble Exclusive

Showing the Funk Pop! figure 745 Soul 22 Glow in the Dark from Barnes and Noble
PRICE: $11

746- Moonwind (Soul World)

Showing the Funko Pop! figure 746 Moonwind in the Soul World
PRICE: $11

747- Mr. Mittens (Soul World)

Showing the Funko Pop! figure 747 Mr. Mittens in the Soul World
PRICE: $11

748- 22 (Grinning)

Showing the Funko Pop! figure 748 Soul 22, Grinning face
PRICE: $11

Soul Pop! Pens and Keychains Collection

Showing the Funko keychain and pen collection featuring Soul characters
Keychains: $5 Pens: $3

Keychains: Soul 22 and Mr. Mittens (Soul World)

Pop! Pens: Soul 22, Soul 22 (Grinning), Joe Gardener (Soul World) and Mr. Mittens (Soul World).

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